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Tongkat Ali Capsules (150)

Tongkat Ali Capsules (150)

Product Information

Tongkat Ali is also known as "Malaysian Ginseng" because of its aphrodisiac property. There is no side effect use and no poisonous substance.  It can be taken by either male or female.  When first taking Tongkat Ali Capsules, urine passed out will be a little bit yellowish and smelly.

This indicates that it is functioning as it flushed out the chemical that have been taken into our body and retained in kidneys and urine for years.

For males who have consistently taking Tongkat Ali Capsules, he will be more sexually active and energetic. For females, it can adjust hormone system, menstruation cycle and is most suitable for middle aged ladies.  Tongkat Ali Capsules has anti-cancer, anti-ulcer and anti-malarial properties.  It is also effective for high blood pressure, diabetics and rheumatism patient.  generally, its effectiveness will be noticed after two to three weeks when consecutive consumption.


  • Remark : Avoid drinking tea after consume " Tongkat Ali Capsules". Children do not consume Tongkat Ali Capsules.
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